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Professional stump grinding

Video to the right is our Kanga stump grinder, it has Honda 690cc V-Twin engine direct drive and can fit through 1m gates. It has a seperate engine to drive the hydraulics so it's pretty efficient at removing stumps. This one has been modified to deliver approx 30% more power than the standard ones from Kanga.


Underground services - pipes cables drains

Whilst we take care and assess each situation no responsibility will be accepted for damage to underground services. Whilst services like Dial Before You Dig and council records are available they don't in all instances show exactly where those service are and at times show nothing at all. If you are totally unsure then you'll need to contract a pipe location organisation etc who can test to locate the services as well as the approximate depth. Often as houses age and maintenance takes place service are replaced and moved no longer where they were say 30 years ago.


Stump grinding and termites

Stump grinding is no guarantee that termites will not infest the area as in many instances, roots, debri or timber may remain in the ground. We recommend you to consult a pest controller.

When large trees are in close proximity to house or structures it is likely that roots will be in contact with the slab or even beneath it. As it's a round cutter wheel with guards and belts it's unlikely that all the stump will be removed leaving timber which termites can be attracted to close to the house. It's important you have it treated. Treatment should consist of using a long probe to inject soil nearby too as getting the poison to travel in dead timber is near impossible.


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